About Us

Nice to meet you, Beautiful! We are so glad to see you in our space, share with you our story, mission, vision, values, and inspire you to go for your wildest dreams! Silk and Cotton is a project of Newlinks Global SPRL

Why join us

Silk and Cotton is not only a clothes brand, we aim to inspire women to be who they really are, inspiring a Diva in each woman! What is special about our garments is that we select ethnic hand-woven fabrics and turn them into modern elegant pieces of high quality. You will feel “OH SO UNIQUE” in them!

Who we make our garments for

Silk and Cotton is a brand for women who value their freedom: freedom to be who they really are, freedom to express any emotions be them good or bad, freedom to travel and discover, freedom to go for their dreams!

lady making ikat

It is also for women who appreciate the value of natural fabrics because they feel so luxe on skin. For women who love to catch curious eyes but in a subtle elegant
way. For women who like to wear quality garments with a statement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to experience the waterfall of emotions of being unique, feminine, upset, irresistible, vulnerable, passionate, and unstoppable by coating them into uniqueness of our ethnic hand-made and hand-dyed fabrics from Uzbekistan that travel centuries back and are protected by UNESCO. We also support the Uzbek craftsmanship by using traditional Uzbek fabrics and turning them into modern European garments. Timeless pieces for your uniqueness.

3 Pillars of our Mission

The idea of Silk and Cotton was born not only out of love towards Uzbek fabrics which are absolutely unique but also out of passion for the history of Uzbekistan, women empowerment and freedom of expression. That’s why 3 pillars of our mission are:

- Promoting Uzbek heritage internationally and supporting local craftsmanship
- Inspiring women to go for their dreams through inspiring names of our garments
- Inspiring true emotions and desires

Based on our mission, we help women who experience domestic violence and difficult social conditions by donating 1 EUR from each purchase of yours to “6 Hand Shakes” - a Belgian based NGO that supports women in difficult social situations.

How it all started

The roots of our story go back to Uzbekistan where we were both born. Irona grew up in the capital city - glorious Tashkent - and Anna in the wild sands of Kyzylkum desert, in a small town called Zarafshan (which means bringing gold).

Even though we both left Uzbekistan search for adventures, Uzbek culture, rich heritage and hospitality were always burning in our hearts.

anna and irona - silkandcotton

One of the most prominent symbols of Uzbekistan is cotton and IKAT - a unique Uzbek fabric which is hand-made, hand-dyed like it was manufactured for centuries. Its roots go back to the times of the Great Silk Road. The production of it is so special, that it is protected by UNESCO...and it involves 37 steps!

What is also important is that our fabrics are made mainly from silk and cotton - the gifts of nature that we cherish so much. Therefore, our brand is definitely for those women who appreciate natural fabrics and luxe feel on their skin, who like to catch the curious eyes of strangers wondering where such a beautiful piece comes from.

Anyhow, with Irona's passion for fashion and Anna's expertise in digital marketing, there was no way to resist the temptation to launch a brand that bridges the heritage of Asia with a modern flare of New Europe.

So, we multiplied our passion for Uzbek IKAT by two and launched into this amazing adventure of bringing centuries long traditions of Uzbekistan to Europe and beyond.

We wholeheartedly hope you will fall in love not only with these one-of-a-kind fabrics but with our approach of inspiring emotions that you crave for by wearing pieces that have aspiring names.

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